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Easy to use




Free Features/Customisation


Paid Features/Customisation





  • It’s FREE so stop complaining!
  • Control over signature width
  • Preset layouts, perfect for those that lack design skills
  • No watermark or developer branding on the final product
  • Secure payment gateway via Stripe Payments if you are upgrading to a purchased license


  • No option to add alternate text to images should the signature fail to render in email clients
  • No option to move your selfie or other fields, such as job title or department, to another area
  • No padding control around text fields
  • Breadcrumb method of moving users from setting to setting wasn’t completely obvious to us initially, could do with a next button at the bottom of the page to allow a better workflow or include the breadcrumb links in a tab-like form

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Why use HTML Email Signature Generator?

This beautifully designed and simple to use HTML Email Signature generator site has everything you need to get your email signatures in line with your brand within minutes. A clean and trendy interface, gives you the best visual designer with the best templated layouts, which, to be honest, prevents users from producing ineffective signatures and also adheres to international UX standards.

The - HTML Email Signature Generator

Everything is generated from the front page. Once you enter your organisation details into the contact page you are systematically moved through a breadcrumb-style process to select images to add your logo, selfie and promo banner. Upload is a breeze! Just click and drag-and-drop your image files.

Select social, where you can add up to 29 social accounts with prepopulated glyphs.

Finally, move to design, where you are presented with standard visual design settings. One thing we really loved was the preset layouts found under text layout – you can select stacked, column or minimal.

Check the preview and Finish. On the preview page, you are given the option to edit the signature again or pay to edit it at a cost of $5 one off. If you upgrade you get the option of click-to-install to G-Suite/Gmail, selecting the preview and copy pasting it into your email client of chocie, otherwise, you can download it in HTML or copy the HTML.

For an HTML Email Signature generator, is punching well above it’s weight. Small business, medium business or corporations can benefit from a generator such as, it’s a time saver for any marketing department.

Try it out by visiting or read our review below.

Note: opinions and reviews posted here are based on details provided at the time and date of the review and are subject to change

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