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HTMLSig – HTML Email Signature Generator

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HTMLSig Review


Easy to use




Free Features/Customisation


Paid Features/Customisation





  • Drag and drop logo
  • Support site is outstanding and full of helpful tips and tricks
  • Most notable for its Apple Mail installation instructions due to the way Apple Mail restricts signature formatting


  • Styling not available in free version
  • Disclaimer not available in free version
  • Banners not available in free version
  • App store options not available in free version
  • Signatures come with watermark or developer branding in free version

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Why use HTMLSig Email Signature Generator?

Another well designed HTML Email Signature Generator, HTMLSig is a fantastic one-pager that harbours its own valuable differences from the various other generators. While it does cater for single use, its best use is for team deployment in medium to large organisations.

The Interface

This one-pager generator houses an integrated application that progresses you through a breadcrumb system, processing your raw data and logo first then adding your social network information on the next tab.

Once you have completed entering your data you can opt into their newsletter if you wish and create your signature file.

You will be taken to a download page where you will be given instructions on how to install your signature to various email clients such as Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail and Thunderbird. You will be given the option to download your signature file or copy the source code for it.

Its simple features and limited styling (built into the free version) ensure its compatibility across most common email clients.

Notable FeaturesHTMLSig Email Signature Generator

If you subscribe to a basic account you can get access to the dashboard where you can generate up to 50 signatures, duplicate signatures, email users their signature and view stats on click performance.

Upgrading to pro is perfect for large marketing departments, enabling you to send your team a link to populate their own data fields delegated to them without allowing changes to the layout or design. This is a great method of rolling out signatures to your team without having to update them all individually.

In addition to this, pro enables your marketing department to roll out new signatures and manage the deployment from the dashboard. You can visually see all completed signatures in the management console and action incomplete signatures.

Try it now by visiting HTMLSig or read our review below.

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