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Recently we were asked by one of our clients, Recall Host, where we sourced our social icons and glyphicons for our brand packs and email signatures. Our in-house designers gave us a behind-the-scenes perspective on graphic resource websites they use in order to get jobs completed efficiently.

It’s an expensive task to design files like social icons and glyphicons on the spot, unless it’s a part of the visual design guide, so, we opt for a select range of resource websites to supply us with the right style of graphic files to complete the work. Otherwise, our graphic designer would be spending days to develop a concept that is already prevalent in the market.

Whether you’re searching for social media icons or social glyphicons for your website, or just needing to update your existing email signature or advertising space, we have put together our favourite highly rated go-to top resources for social icons and glyphicons.

Unlike other resource marketplaces, these resource website don’t require you to sign up and are 100% free!

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Social Icons and Glyphicons Resources List

Site Description Review Links
Design Crazed for Social Icons and Glyphicons Design Crazed has everything design and graphic related for your next project Visit Site
Vecteezy for Social Icons and Glyphicons Check out Vecteezy for everything vector-related including the best glyphicons/icons Visit Site
Freepik for Social Icons and Glyphicons Freepik has everything you need from vectors and photos to glyphs and icons Visit Site
The Noun Project for Social Icons and Glyphicons The noun project specifically aggregates glyphs from around the world Visit Site
Dribbble for Social Icons and Glyphicons Dribbble is your one stop shop for all design files Visit Site
Designmodo for Social Icons and Glyphicons Designmodo is a great resource for design files as well as design articles and turorials Visit Site


What to look for in your social icons and glyphicon resources? We look for fast downloads, simple download process, great designs, simple attribution for authors or no attribution required.

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