Hubspot - HTML Email Signature Generator

Hubspot – HTML Email Signature Generator

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Hubspot - HTML Email Signature Generator


Easy to use




Free Features/Customisation





  • Easy to use
  • It's FREE!
  • No watermark or developer branding on the final product


  • The image left layouts don't work with G-Suite/Gmail (a pop up messages states the signature is too long)
  • Limited to 4 social networks
  • Limited to 2 font/typeface styles
  • No logo upload option, you can only load a logo by providing the URL/link to your logo elsewhere

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Why use Hubspot HTML Email Signature Generator?

Hubspot really did every business a favour by creating this simple, compact and effective HTML Email Signature Generator.

It is easy to use, allowing you to compile your own signature with most common elements quickly. Everything you need is on one page, including the helpful FAQ that contains instructions on how to install it.

The Interface

Hubspot - HTML Email Signature GeneratorEverything is generated from the front page. Begin entering your information into the main section, which is highlighted. Add your logo by supplying the link to it online (must be uploaded to your own public service – this could be google drive or your own web server).

Head on over to social, where you can add your facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram accounts.

Next, you will see style, in which you can updated the theme you want, the header color, text color, link colors and choose from two fonts/typeface style.

There is a separate section to add a CTA (call to action) image and link to the page you want the reader to click. If you don’t have an image, you have the option of adding a colored box with your own CTA text in it. Very helpful if you want a customised message and link to a page.

The final page contains all the hubspot certifications. If you are a digital agency like Omicron Digital or us, Go Cloud Labs, you are best to utilize these resources and add them to your signature quick smart – for more information about hubspot certifications just visit the certifications page and sign up for free.

Try out this easy HTML Email Signature Generator by visiting Hubspot or read our review below.

Note: opinions and reviews posted here are based on details provided at the time and date of the review and are subject to change

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