About Us

Go Cloud Labs is a design agency who consult, design, test and deploy websites, branding, digital marketing media and apps for business and individuals.

We built Go Cloud Labs (formerly Go Cloud Software) in 2014 to assist users in making the right choice when selecting cloud apps for their business, and have added to our repertoire of services to include brand development, digital marketing and app development.

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  • Get creative and plot ideas on to a vision board (or even a whiteboard)
  • Select all the ideas with the most common themes and tie them together
  • Eliminate secondary ideas, even if they are initial ideas we were most passionate about

This process is to help get to the core of what you really need for your service or product to be effective.


There are four parts to a storyboard with us:
  1. The dreamscape: all the things you think you need
  2. The machine: all the things that are required in order to make it work
  3. The small print: some of the things that you may not have accounted for
  4. The coronation: the resulting combination of all of the above


Once our ideas are plotted out and tied together and we have a clear storyboard of what we want, we can start with a raw process. The raw process is where the idea is put into a state of exploration. Every aspect of the process is analysed until each iteration has been refined down to one final product.


Our final product scope with no hidden costs, presented to you in one easy-to-read document ready for approval online - as we are a 100% paperless office.

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